Global Impact Classroom Resources

Teach Global Impact has gathered or created a comprehensive set of resources for teaching the Global Impact aspect of AP Computer Science Principles. The resources include materials that are used in seven major CSP curricula (most endorsed by the College Board as meeting the CSP framework guidelines). We’ve also created some new materials, to make sure teachers have a full range of activity types covering all of the Global Impact content.

Not teaching CSP? Most of the resources you’ll find here can be used in any computer science or computer skills class, to provide context and real-world hooks for coding skills and computational thinking practices.

Contributing Curricula:

Beauty and Joy of Computing logoCSP CS4HS logoCS Matters logo

CS Ed Ohio logo (for CISS)Mobile CSP logoUTeach CSP logo

Other Great Sources for CSP Global Impact

CS10K Community/CS for All Teachers

CS for All Teachers LogoCS for All Teachers, formerly known as the CS10K Community, is an NSF-funded community hub for computer science education resources. The platform includes discussion fora, training content, classroom materials, webinars, and more. Many of the contributors are teachers of and/or curriculum providers for AP CSP, along with a community around the Exploring Computer Science curriculum (which also has some fabulous content about the social and ethical implications of computing!).

Other CSP Curricular Materials

In addition to the contributors to Teach Global Impact, there are some other great projects to develop CSP curricula (including, of course, Big Idea 7!). Among others:

  • CS50 AP is based on Harvard University’s (and Yale’s) long-running introductory computer science course, CS50
  • Project Lead the Way provides several high school CS curricula, including a CSP course (not free)
  • ComPASS/CE21 San Diego provides some materials from a CSP pilot based on Alice programming

You can get more information about CSP curricula at the College Board CSP site and the AP CSP developers’ site.

Logo Images: See individual curricula for information about licensing of logo images.