Our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

What Information We Collect

In order to use certain features of the Teach Global Impact website — mostly the Forums — you have to register for an account. In order to do that, you will need to provide your name and email address. We do not have a “real name” policy, but we encourage you to be straightforward if possible.

You can optionally include other personal information in your user profile, including a picture of yourself.

Who Else Can See Your Information

If you post in the forums, other users will be able to see your name and picture, and your posts. They will not be able to see your contact information.

We use Google Analytics to track information about who uses our site. We view only aggregated information such as number of visitors per day or percentage of visitors from specific countries. However, Google Analytics collects more information from you in order to provide us these statistics. To see what they’re doing, visit their Safeguarding Your Data page.

We also use a few other third-party plugins for site maintenance and features. Some of these may be able to access data about you in the course of carrying out their functions (for example, the social sharing widgets track what who posts where).

What We Do With Your Information and Your Account

We will not share, sell, fold, spindle, nor mutilate any information you provide us in order to use the website. (Other than as specified under “Who Else Can See Your Information”.)

We may use your email address to contact you if necessary.

We reserve the right to suspend accounts if they are used for posting spam, or if the associated email addresses are for known spammer accounts.

Ethical Use of the TGI Website

Please respect the Creative Commons licensing of the materials on this site, and the various licensing and copyright terms that pertain to the contributing groups’ materials.

Some of the information on this site — and information we’ve linked to — is intended to help teachers prepare students for the AP Computer Science Principles exam and performance tasks. Plagiarizing TGI material or otherwise using the information to cheat on the AP CSP exam or tasks (or any other exam) will be considered a violation of these Terms, and if we know anything about who you are, we will share that information with the College Board and/or your school district.