China to Develop Prototype Super, Super Computer in 2017

China to Develop Prototype Super, Super Computer in 2017

Published By:, 1/17/2017

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China is seeking to prototype an exascale computer (capable of a billion billion calculations per second) by the end of the year, thereby ensuring the country’s position as a world leader in supercomputing. The calculation speed and data transmission efficiency of this system would have far-reaching implications in enabling big data analysis and cloud computing.

Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level of Article: 11.3

Extended Discussion Questions

  • If China is successful in building a prototype by the end of the year, how might other countries react to that accomplishment?
  • The article points out that China’s leadership in supercomputing isn’t matched by its university rankings. (Note: The article also dings China’s scientific output, but that’s debatable.)
    • Why do you think China is focusing on supercomputing?
    • How could supercomputers be leveraged to improve university research and education?
  • For scientists, what could be some advantages of cloud computing on supercomputers? What could be the advantages of using computers at their own institutions?

Global Impact Learning Objectives:

  • LO 7.2.1 Explain how computing has impacted innovations in other fields.

Global Impact Essential Knowledge:

  • EK 7.2.1B Scientific computing has enabled innovation in science and business.

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