Cloud Innovations Signal the Future for Urban Mobility

Cloud Innovations Signal the Future for Urban Mobility

Published By: CORDIS (European Commission press office), 8/9/2016

Summary: Countries in Europe are developing a unified cloud-based data platform, to be used by services that provide real-time information about transit and parking. Their goal is to make it easier for commuters to use the fastest, most efficient, most environmentally sustainable transit options.

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CSP Global Impact Learning Objectives/EKs:
EK 7.1.1D Cloud computing fosters new ways to communicate and collaborate.
EK 7.1.1E Widespread access to information facilitates the identification of problems, development of solutions, and dissemination of results.
EK 7.1.1F Public data provides widespread access and enables solutions to identified problems.
EK 7.1.1I Global Positioning System (GPS) and related technologies have changed how humans travel, navigate, and find information related to geolocation.
EK 7.1.1K Smart grids, smart buildings, and smart transportation are changing and facilitating human capabilities.

Other CSP Big Ideas:
3 Data and Information
6 The Internet

Banner Image: “Network Visualization – Violet – Crop 4”, derivative work by ICSI. New license: CC BY-SA 4.0. Based on “Social Network Analysis Visualization” by Martin Grandjean. Original license: CC BY-SA 3.0

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