Computing in the News

Tips and Options for Using Computing News in Class

    • Present a current news story about a computing innovation (including a video if there is one), then ask the students what they think about it, what computer science concepts are involved, and what the positive and negative implications are.
    • Once you’ve modeled the process several times, you can ask students to bring stories to the group.
    • Can be used as a five-minute bellringer every day, or save news for Fridays and give it more time.
    • If the discussion is going well, let it continue!
    • It can be easy — maybe a little too easy — to highlight the positive elements of a new innovation (especially when news stories are based on press releases!). So it’s important for students to see the negative (often unintended) implications as well — and to put some thought into how potential negative consequences could be prevented or mitigated.

Why Use News?

Highlights from the news make a great attention-grabber at the beginning of class, and provide handy concrete examples for thinking about the global impacts of computing. (In fact, there’s a move to use news in all undergrad CS classes at UC Berkeley!)

Three Ways to Find Computing News

News Stories Curated for CSP by TGI (this page)

2016-17 news highlights that demonstrate computing impacts. Each one lists relevant CSP learning objectives and essential knowledge, along with suggested discussion questions. Scroll article snippets or search by CSP framework tag.

Ongoing TGI “Computing in The News” Forum

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Current Uncurated News from Other Sources

Some of our favorite live news feeds: ACM Tech News, MIT News, Science Daily.

News Stories Curated for CSP by TGI

2016-17 Highlights

(Team TGI: Anna Clark, Tyler Daniell, Michael Morguarge, Nnamdi Onwumere, and Jonathan Corley at University of West Georgia and Julia Bernd at ICSI)

Ongoing TGI “Computing in The News” Forum

Uncurated news spotted by our site users, community contributions, and comments on our curated news articles. Peruse or join in and share a story!

Current Uncurated News from Other Sources

Some of our favorite sources for computing news!

RSS From ACM Tech News

  • Trilce Estrada Wins 2019 ACM SIGHPC Emerging Woman Leader in Technical Computing Award
    Inside HPCUniversity of New Mexico researcher Trilce Estrada has received the 2019 ACM SIGHPC Emerging Woman Leader in Technical Computing award. Estrada is recognized for her innovative and transformative deployment of machine learning for knowledge discovery in molecular dynamic simulations and in situ analytics. The Emerging Woman Leader in Technical Computing Award recognizes mid-career women […]
  • A 'Living Lab' for Connected Vehicles
    Government Computer NewsTwo autonomous vehicle testbeds in Georgia have partnered on a living laboratory for connected-vehicle technology. The Ray lab and the city of Peachtree Corners enlisted an 18-mile segment of I-85, with access to fiber optics and 5G networks, for exploring the performance of future autonomous vehicles on urban and rural roads, via a […]
  • Cashierless Stores Make Inroads in U.S.
    The Wall Street JournalU.S. retailers are moving forward with artificial intelligence (AI) systems to track what products shoppers pick up and then automatically bill their accounts when they leave the store. A recent International Data Corp. survey of about 400 retailers from around the world found that 28% are testing or piloting cashierless AI systems. […]

RSS From Science Daily

  • Nylon as a building block for transparent electronic devices? August 16, 2019
    Scientists have solved a four decade long challenge of producing very thin nylon films that can be used for instance in electronic memory components. The thin nylon films are several 100 times thinner than human hair and could thus be attractive for applications in bendable electronic devices or for electronics in clothing.
  • Wearable sensors detect what's in your sweat August 16, 2019
    A team of scientists is developing wearable skin sensors that can detect what's in your sweat. In a new article, the team describes a sensor design that can be rapidly manufactured using a ''roll-to-roll'' processing technique that essentially prints the sensors onto a sheet of plastic like words on a newspaper. The sensors can provide […]
  • Wireless sensors that stick to the skin to track our health August 16, 2019
    Engineers have developed experimental stickers that pick up physiological signals emanating from the skin, then wirelessly beam these health readings to a receiver clipped onto clothing. It's all part of a system called BodyNet.